Vanguard, ONE Gas to develop farm-based RNG projects

Vanguard Renewables and utility company ONE Gas have launched an initiative designed to develop and expand farm-based renewable natural gas (RNG) projects across Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

This will be Vanguard’s first mid-continent alliance with a local natural gas distribution company that is committed to innovating its clean energy fuel mix through RNG.

“We are excited to partner with Vanguard Renewables to provide more sustainable and carbon-neutral energy solutions for our communities and customers,” said Jason Ketchum, vice president of commercial activities at ONE Gas. “RNG is a vital part of a sustainable energy future as it provides a reliable path to reduce emissions.”

John Hanselman, co-founder and CEO of Vanguard, added: “Our Farm Powered programme provides a circular solution diverting greenhouse gas-producing food waste from landfills and incineration and recycling it into renewable energy and low-carbon fertiliser using farm-based anaerobic digestion.

“The ONE Gas alliance will help us further expand our national network of anaerobic digesters, which will benefit the environment, farm owners, customers, and the food industry.

“Our relationship with ONE Gas can lead to increased RNG availability across Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and beyond, as we hope this is the first of many similar relationships with natural gas distribution companies across the US.”

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