Valmet to supply a biomass boiler plant to Russian pulp and paper mill

Finnish process technology and automation provider Valmet will deliver a biomass-fired boiler plant and related automation and environmental systems to Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill (Segezha PPM) in Russia.

The boiler, located in the Republic of Karelia, will produce steam for the mill's production processes and enables the mill to use wood residues and sludge as fuel and thus reduce the use of heavy fuel oil and lower its emissions and environmental impact.

"We selected Valmet's multi-fuel boiler after comparing a number of supplier offers. We took into account the reliability of the equipment and its operation, and the price/quality ratio,” said Sergei Pondar, VP of production at Segezha.

“The decisive criteria that determined our decision were the technological factors and successful boiler references in numbers of industry enterprises. We see that a modern multi-fuel boiler can efficiently burn waste from wood processing with high and variable humidity, as well as sludge from our effluent treatment," Pondar continued.

Valmet's delivery includes a 90MW Hybex boiler utilizing bubbling fluidised bed combustion technology, Valmet electrostatic precipitator-based flue gas cleaning equipment, electrification, and a Valmet DNA automation system to control and operate the plant.

The Hybex boiler features wide fuel flexibility, high combustion efficiency, high reliability, controllability, and low emissions.

Its main advantage is the possibility to use fuels with high moisture content and a low thermal value.

Valmet expects to have the delivery completed at some point next year.

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