Valmet invests in new bioenergy pilot facility in Sweden

Technology and energy firm Valmet has invested in a new pilot facility in Sweden to strengthen the company’s bioenergy research and development capabilities. The Finnish arm of the company, Valmet Oyj, will launch the facility at its Fibre Technology Centre in Sundsvall, Sweden in October 2020, according to Chemical Engineering.

Valmet’s research and development work focuses on promoting the use of renewable raw materials, enhancing raw material and energy efficiency and ensuring an advanced and competitive offering of its technologies and services. Alongside the firm’s main focus on pulp, paper and energy technologies, Valmet is boosting efforts to develop new biorefining processes for biomass-based raw materials. The new facility in Sweden will enable the company to undertake trials with customers and partners.

Mats Arnberg, director of the Biomass Conversion, Pulp and Energy business line at Valmet, said: “Successful research and development work requires cooperation with customers and partners.
“This investment will strengthen Valmet’s continuing development within the biomass conversion field and our possibilities to contribute to the fossil-fuel phase-out and decrease climate impact. The new pilot facility will be an important platform for future innovations.”

The new facility incorporates new pilot equipment called BioTrac, using Valmet’s DNA control system. The equipment can be modified for different processes and can be used with various raw materials.

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