USIPA – What can the biomass industry do to win over sceptics?

In our September/October edition, we asked a handful of industry experts one question – what can the biomass industry do to win over sceptics? This response is by Seth Ginther, executive director of the US Industrial Pellet Association.

Forging consensus within countries and among the community of nations may be the greatest challenge to tackling the climate crisis. Ultimately, the compromises and collective actions needed for meaningful progress must be underpinned by public support, and fortunately, global attitudes are moving in the right direction1.

As the biomass industry continues to grow and contribute to national climate plans around the world, it must also help educate and build trust among the public whose ongoing support is essential for biomass to reach its full potential.

This outreach, unfortunately, is made more difficult by anti-biomass activist groups that perpetuate myths and spread fear-based misinformation. However, it’s important to understand that environmental NGOs, while well-funded and active, do not represent the public at large. Perhaps there is no...

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