USDA awards grants for biomass and biofuel production

One hundred and sixty wood pellet producers in 41 US states will receive grants from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to expand their biomass and biofuel output capacities.

Agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack made the announcement on 27 September, highlighting that the financial backing will help support the economy and the biofuels market in the US. ‘Renewable energy production will create tens of thousands of direct, American jobs; thousands more indirect jobs, and clean electricity to power millions of homes,’ he says.

Among the companies to receive payments is Enviva, with a payment of $7,891.09 (€5,917.46); Maine Woods Pellet will receive $58,922.82; New England Wood Pellet with $98,859.98; and Appling County Pellets, with a payment of $240,837.91.

The funding will be awarded by the Bioenergy Program for Advanced Biofuels, which is dedicated to supporting biofuel manufacturers who use feedstocks different to corn. These include crop residue; animal, food and yard waste; landfill gas and sewage waste treatment gas; vegetable oil; and tallow. 

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