US Gain expands renewable natural gas supply network in California

American renewable natural gas (RNG) supplier US Gain has announced that a new RNG project in Springfield, Nebraska has come online, providing clean fuel for the transportation industry.

The company has also signed a supply contract with Southern California Gas (SoCalGas) to supply RNG across its fuelling station network.

The Sarpy County Landfill in Springfield, Nebraska will produce enough RNG to fuel over 100 class eight trucks every day, removing 2.3 million gallons of diesel from US roads.

“We’re honoured to have worked with a team of experienced professionals on development of the Sarpy County Landfill,” said US Gain president Mike Koel. “These projects often take longer to develop than expected, but are completely worth all the effort when the final certification approval is received. The transportation industry needs clean fuel, and we’re committed to meeting the growing demand of RNG. We currently have 20 RNG development projects in process.”

SoCalGas plans to replace compressed natural gas (CNG) with RNG across its fuelling station network in California. By switching to RNG, the company expects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 21,000 metric tons per year.

“SoCalGas is excited to offer RNG at many of our natural gas vehicle fuelling stations from US gain,” said Jawaad Malik, vice-president of gas acquisition at SoCalGas. “RNG is an important tool in helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions, that is why SoCalGas has committed to having 20% RNG in our system by 2030.”

RNG will improve the air quality for residents living in Southern California, according to US Gain director of business development Bryan Nudelbacher.

“The best feature of renewable natural gas is the ability to provide up to 125% well-to-wheel emission savings when used in transportation,” Nudelbacher said. “We look forward to supplying the cleanest fuel option to more fleets and stations in California, as well as the rest of North America.”

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