US EPA urged to include renewable electricity in Renewable Fuel Standard

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The RFS Power Coalition - a group of organisations dedicated to activating the renewable electricity pathway of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), led by the Biomass Power Association and American Biogas Council - has submitted a letter to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
In the letter, the RFS Power Coalition reaffirmed its support for the inclusion of renewable electricity in the Renewable Fuel Standard, and urged the EPA to follow through on the creation of a US eRINs program as part of the final SET Rule that is currently under consideration by the Agency.
eRINs are credits produced when qualifying biogas is used to generate renewable electricity for the charging of light-duty electric vehicles.
The letter is in response to reports of a delay from sources within the administration, according to the American Biogas Council.
“We convert material that would otherwise sit, biodegrade and emit carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere into clean renewable energy, including electricity,” wrote Patrick Serfass, executive director, American Biogas Council (ABC) and Carrie Annand, executive director, Biomass Power Association (BPA), in the joint letter.
“Though we are not privy to the deliberations taking place at EPA, we firmly believe it is critical that a national eRINs program launches as soon as possible… The eRINs program incentivises the necessary growth among renewable electricity providers to meet a level of demand that will rapidly increase in the coming years.”
The RFS Power Coalition members are stakeholders across a broad spectrum of renewable energy sources, including biogas and biomass power, and many affiliated organisations along those supply chains.
Click here to read the full letter submitted to US EPA.

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