US biomass producer to expand operation base

US-based New Biomass Energy is expanding as it sees its third bulk shipment of torrefied wood pellets depart for Europe recently.

The delivery of 4,000 tonnes was produced at NBE’s plant in Mississippi and will end up at various coal-fired plants throughout Europe.

The plant is currently increasing its production capacity, dependent on the energy density of the pellet produced, up to between 150,000 and 250,000 tonnes. NBE is also is also adding additional facilities to its portfolio as it receives bulk interest from large power companies.

‘We see our three shipments during the past 12 months as an achievement, not only for us, but for the torrefaction industry as a whole,’ NBE executive VP Mike White was quoted as saying. ‘We believe torrefied wood pellets are a significant alternative energy option and want to help move the industry forward.’

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