US biomass plant gets approval

Oneida Seven Generations (OSG) has been given approval by the US Department of Energy (DoE) to build an electricity plant to run on waste in the City of Green Bay, Brown County, Wisconsin.

The US state previously received nearly $55.5 million (€40.6 million) under a federal grant, and will give a $2 million loan to OSG from the funds.

Municipal solid waste is to be brought to the plant, where it will be shredded, sorted and conveyed into one of three pyrolytic gasification systems.

These systems will allow the waste to decompose, producing syngas which will be made up of hydrogen, carbon and monoxide, such as methane, ethane and propane.

These will fire three engine generators, each with a capacity of 1.54MW, for a collective capacity of nearly 5MW.

OSG plans to sell the electricity to the local grid and has ensured the DoE that the emissions coming out of the plant will not be vast because of the air pollution control equipment that will be installed.

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