US bioenergy foundations appear strong in the face of an unclear future

By Colin Ley.

Less than three weeks ago, I was working towards my early-March deadline with every intention of celebrating the return to more normal production and trading patterns than we’ve seen since Covid emerged at the end of 2019. Looking at the US market, in particular, there were definite signs of an upturn in bioenergy optimism and investment, driven in part by President Biden’s commitment to convert his COP26 pledges into reality.

Instead, I find myself writing about an even greater horror than Covid, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the devastation and loss of life being caused by that action. I’m certainly not qualified to comment on where this is all going to end, just desperately hoping and praying it will end peacefully and quickly. Clearly, this is a situation where innocent people are being injured and killed in their own homes, having only a few weeks ago been living and working in peaceful harmony with colleagues and neighbours alike.

Attempting to assess how the invasion of Ukraine will impact us all in the future is beyond difficult. It also seems somewhat indecent to address...

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