Unique biomethane filling station for the UK

UK firm Chesterfield BioGas, a division of Chesterfield Special Cylinders dedicated to the development of equipment for fuelling vehicles as well as the supply of systems for converting raw biogas to biomethane, will provide the city of Sheffield with a temporary biomethane gas filling station.

After signing an agreement on 22 April this year the Sheffield-based company will now supply Sheffield Council’s Staniforth Road vehicle depot with biomethane – a one of a kind for the UK.

The aim of the temporary station is to highlight the environmental advantages of vehicles powered by biogas.

The fuel used will be observed and emission levels assessed in order to compare the performance of the project to other successful projects that have taken place around the world.

The council’s future goal involves supporting the development of plants to digest organic wastes and then capture the raw biogas produced. Chesterfield BioGas would then be able to compress and sell the biomethane produced at permanent vehicle filling stations.

From the Sheffield council environmental strategy team, Steve Simmons said: ‘The use of gas-powered vehicles will assist Sheffield to hit the government's targets for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.’

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