Unique biogas project set for Hungary

The Zalaegerszeg Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) is undertaking a demo plant in Hungary that will see the production of transport fuel from biogas.

DMT Environmental Technology will supply the plant with a biogas upgrading system that has the capacity to process between 40 and 80Nm3 of biogas an hour.

The WWTP converts biogas from the combined heat and power (CHP) digesters and is unique in that it is the first demo plant in Hungary to produce vehicle fuel from biogas. The demonstration facility will produce enough sustainable fuel to power 10 cars for five days a week.

DMT and local partners Ökoprotec Kft. and UTB Envirotec Kft. will install the system, which comprises of two 20 feet containers plus 2,000 litre bottle tanks.

It is expected that the unit will be up and running by the end of July this year.

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