UK’s first BtG plant opens

At the Thames Water sewage works in Didcot, UK, Thames Water, Scotia Gas Networks and Centrica have launched the UK’s first biomethane-to-grid (BtG) plant.

In celebration of this milestone a barbeque fuelled by the gas produced on site will be held.

Scotia Gas Networks provided funding to facilitate research and development in the UK gas industry, which enabled the project to be developed ahead of the introduction of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) from April 2011.

Before it is injected into the grid the biogas produced at the site undergoes a clean-up and upgrading process using water wash technology provided by Chesterfield Biogas, a company dedicated to solutions for the cleaning, storage and dispensing of biomethane. This clean-up process removes moisture, CO2 and H2S to create a gas that consists of over 97% biomethane.

The official launch event was held on 5 October 2010 and marks the first biomethane injected into the grid in the UK.

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