Ukraine’s bioenergy association urges minister to ‘significantly improve’ energy strategy

Ukraine’s bioenergy association, UABio, has appealed to its Minister of Energy and Coal Industry to significantly improve Ukraine’s draft energy strategy.

The document entitled, Energy Strategy of Ukraine through 2035: Security and Competitiveness outlines the country’s long-term energy development priorities and how these will be achieved.

The strategy aims for the Ukraine to do the following:

  • Full-scale integration of Ukraine’s energy sector into the European energy market.
  • A resilient supply of energy built by reducing dependence on energy imports from monopolistic sources.

According to UABio experts, the draft of the new Energy strategy, being discussed, is built on a traditional sectoral approaches of the current situation in the industry preservation, not giving a priority to substantial increase in energy efficiency of the economy, increasing the share of renewable energy, implementing the potential obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Paris climate agreement.

The adoption of a new energy strategy in the current form will only preserve the negative trends in the energy sector of Ukraine, giving false guidance to society and potential investors in this sector, UABio said in a statement.

This story was written by Liz Gyekye, editor of Bioenergy Insight. 

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