Ukraine injects first cubic metres of biomethane into gas grid

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Ukraine opened its first biomethane plant yesterday (13 April), with the first cubic metres of gas having been supplied to the gas distribution network. The plant will serve about 1,500 consumers each year.
According to Mykola Solskyi, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food, Ukraine has great potential for biomethane production, and farmers are keenly interested in this industry's development.
He added that the construction of new facilities, or the upgrading of existing ones, will allow Ukraine to abandon gas imports - thus strengthening its energy security - and turn Ukraine into a reliable biomethane exporter. This will enhance the nation's energy decentralisation.
"The topic of biomethane is vibrant and interesting, and it's great that there are companies in Ukraine that are willing to join the development of this industry," Solskyi said.
"I know that they have studied the European experience and familiarised themselves with the operation of biomethane plants in different countries. I am confident that this experience will be successfully implemented in Ukraine.
"For its part, the Ministry has contributed to the development of a legislative framework for the biomethane industry," he concluded.

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