UK wood-burning plant nears completion

Energy company E.ON’s £120 million biomass power station in Blackburn Meadows, Sheffield nears completion.

The 30MW facility in the Blackburn Meadows area is now in the final stages of construction and is due to be fully commissioned later this year.

It will burn locally-sourced waste wood to create electricity. Once fully operational, it will utilise an additional 25MW of heat energy.

Earlier this year, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was shown around the facility, and said: ‘As a Sheffield MP I’m particularly proud that our city can look forward to being powered by 30MW of low-carbon, green energy thanks to this development. This is particularly important in the context of hitting our targets to reduce emissions and make our energy production more secure.’

‘Around 80,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide will be displaced every year, the equivalent of taking more than 20,000 cars off the UK’s roads. E.ON’s Blackburn Meadows biomass facility is a significant step to make Sheffield a greener and more sustainable city.’

A visitor centre will be opened later this year.

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