UK vegetable producer adds third biogas plant

UK vegetable growers Staples Vegetables (SV) is to set up its third biogas plant as it aims to fully supply its own power to a facility in Sisbey, Boston.

SV believes the national grid near Sisbey has insufficient capacity to supply the power it needs to satisfy its increased need as production of vegetables rises.

Biogas specialists Xergi will provide the technology to increase on-site capacity and help convert vegetable waste into fertiliser. Two engines with a total capacity of up to 2 MW of electricity will also be installed, with the plant exporting surplus power to the national grid.

The biogas plant will replace a diesel-powered generator which will only be used as an emergency back-up system.

‘We are able to use different types of biomass, as well as pasteurise if required, so we are pleased with the feeding system,’ says SV co-owner  Vernon Read. ‘Having it divided into three parts offers us the flexibility to continue operation should any problems arise.’

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