UK transport minister opens first bio-LNG station

The UK’s first bio-LNG filling station was launched by the under secretary for the Department of Transport this May.

The station, located in Daventry and built by Gasrec, is capable of fuelling up to 250 HGVs a day in the first phase from three bio-LNG dispensers. A second phase will increase that capacity to up to 700 vehicles.

The used bio-LNG is Gasrec’s blend of liquefied natural gas and liquid biomethane, a natural source of renewable energy produced from organic matter such as household food waste.

‘The innovation shown in projects like this can help the UK meet its ambitious carbon reduction targets while creating green jobs to build the economy,’ under secretary Norman Baker says. ‘This announcement represents a significant step towards achieving carbon and air quality benefits and I am pleased that demonstration fleets from the government’s Low Carbon Truck Demonstration Trial will be refuelling from this site.’

It is believed bio-LNG can cut fuel costs by 20 to 30% and CO2 by a minimum of 20%, while delivering a 90% reduction in NOx and particulate matter emissions. Furthermore, according to a report by Ricardo-AEA consultancy, running the UK’s HGV fleets on bio-LNG could cut haulage emissions by up to 65%.

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