UK Toyota plant could be powered by biogas via EQTEC project

Toyota Motor Manufacturing’s plant in Wales, UK, could be powered by biogas with the help of EQTEC.

EQTEC has signed a collaboration framework agreement with Toyota Motor Manufacturing for the development of a waste-to-energy project in Flintshire, Wales.

The agreement will be in place through EQTEC’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Logik WTE, the existing project special purpose vehicle for the Deeside Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) project in Flintshire.

Through the Deeside RDF project, EQTEC and Toyota have agreed to collaborate to explore an ‘innovative, circular, and sustainable’ waste-to-energy solution for Toyota’s engine manufacturing plant in Deeside, which is adjacent to the Deeside RDF project.

The firms have entered into a formalised three-year collaboration framework agreement towards scoping and evaluating the potential supply of biomethane and green electricity and the conversion of manufacturing waste, through the sharing of cost data, energy usage, and other information.

If adopted, EQTEC’s waste-to-energy solution could reduce the carbon footprint of the Toyota site annually. The companies will work together towards the possibility of establishing a power and gas supply to the Toyota engine manufacturing site through the construction and commissioning of the Deeside RDF project.

It is expected that the Deeside RDF project will utilise municipal, commercial, and industrial waste. It will produce biomethane from the organic proportion of the waste via anaerobic digestion and convert the RDF portion, which would typically be destined for landfill or incineration, to generate green electricity using EQTEC’s Advanced Gasification technology.

David Palumbo, CEO of EQTEC, said: “Toyota has always been a leader in innovation and we are delighted to support and work with them on a localised, sustainable waste-to-energy solution.

“This partnership further demonstrates the capabilities and applications of EQTEC’s advanced gasification solutions and enhances our already strong pipeline of projects in development.”

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