UK sets landfill tax rate for 2018

The UK Treasury has announced that from 1 April 2018 landfill tax will be set at £88.95 per tonne for standard rate material and £2.80 per tonne for lower rate material.

The rate of landfill tax will this year rise from £84.40 to £86.10 per tonne for the standard rate and £2.65 to £2.70 per tonne for the lower rate from 1 April, 2017.

The announcement comes as yesterday’s Budget revealed that the government intends to consult on “extending the scope of landfill tax to illegal disposals of waste made without the required permit or licence”.

The bioenergy sector welcomes landfill tax increases as it makes the energy from waste sector more attractive.

In a statement, the Environmental Services Association said it will help punish the criminals who “undermine legitimate operators in our industry and restrict the option of illegal dumping as a means of avoiding landfill tax”.

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