UK Pellet Council – What can the biomass industry do to win over sceptics?

In our September/October edition, we asked a handful of industry experts one question – what can the biomass industry do to win over sceptics? This response is by Neil Holland, UK Pellet Council director and managing director of Y Pellets.

Biomass, in particular wood pellets, has thousands of contented end-users, especially across the UK and Europe who are often the industry’s best sales people, helping to dispel some of the barriers to ownership.

Questions like ‘is it dirty?’, ‘what about the ash?’, ‘is it difficult to get the fuel?’ as well as the major misconception surrounding deforestation and the part biomass plays (or doesn’t play) on a global scale are often thrown around; however, this couldn’t be further from truth.

Innasol, the UK’s largest distributor of biomass boilers, conducted a recent survey with results showing that almost 95% of customers were satisfied with their biomass heating systems. However, to convince other audiences and the wider public as we move towards a net zero, low-carbon future, we must examine some objections to their use.
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