UK logistics firm “amazed” by bio-CNG trial results

UK logistics company Farrall's Group said it is "amazed" by the results of a bio-CNG trial conducted in partnership with CNG Fuels.

The vehicle was trialled on Farrall’s Group’s South Wales operation, dedicated to loft, roof, and wall insulation specialist, Knauf Insulation.

Bio-CNG fuel is 92% cleaner than diesel and by 2023, this figure will move to 100%, effectively making a CNG vehicle carbon neutral. The results of the trial proved that the companies would see a 90%+ reduction in CO2 produced per truck per year. As a result, Farrall’s Group is planning to order the first batch of CNG vehicles, which will be fully operational in 2023.

“We’ve been amazed by the results from the Scania CNG trial and seeing the reduction in carbon emissions they could offer on our fleet,” said Matthew Farrall, managing director of Farrall’s Group.

“CNG vehicles would be ideal to first be implemented into our Knauf Insulation contract, as part of our joint continuous improvement programme within the supply chain.

“We are always reviewing ways in which we can improve our carbon footprint and be smarter in how we operate. Transitioning to CNG fuel would appear to be the next logical step in this journey.”

Knauf Insulation’s supply chain director, Mike Gabriel, commented: “As the UK’s largest insulation manufacturer, our products play a key role in reducing the nation’s carbon emissions.

“Our glass mineral wool already contains the lowest embodied carbon of any mainstream insulation material. Working with Farrall’s Group to move towards a CNG-fuelled fleet will help us to further reduce the environmental impact of our products, so we can deliver on the commitments we’ve made in our ‘For A Better World’ sustainability strategy.”

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