UK Green Homes Grant needs improvements, says REA

The UK’s flagship Green Homes Grant needs improvements for the scheme to be successful, according to the Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA).

Recently, energy installers and consumers have described the problems they have had in accessing the grants. The REA’s CEO, Dr Nina Skorupska CBE, has urged the government to resolve outstanding administrative and communication issues and look to include energy storage and a broader set of on-site renewables.

The £2 billion (€2.17 billion) Green Homes Grant, announced in August last year, will fund up to two-thirds of the cost of upgrading the energy performance of UK homes, impacting more than 600,000 homes in England and saving households up to £600 (€653) per year on their energy bills. Biomass boilers are included in the scheme.

“For some time, the REA has been pushing the government to fix a wide range of issues that would enable the Green Homes Grant to be successful,” said Dr Skorupska.

“Clearly, there is a problem with the administration of the scheme, with businesses and homeowners alike struggling to access the grants needed to get their renewable heating installations off the ground. We have also repeatedly urged the government to include energy storage and a broader range of on-site renewables to be included in the scheme.

“Installers have worked hard to meet the consumer code and are more than playing their part in trying to support this scheme and ensure that all walks of life are benefiting. However, while our sector stands ready to deliver, changes to the Green Homes Grant do need to be made for this to work.

“If these problems can be resolved, not only will this greatly support the government’s net-zero ambitions, but it will also have major economic benefits for our sector and the UK as a whole.”

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