UK government makes commitment to ‘high’ environmental standards post Brexit

The UK government has proclaimed that high environmental standards will be maintained post Brexit.

The Brexit paper entitled ‘Future customs arrangements: A future partnership paper’ details the UK government’s aspirations for the UK’s future customs arrangements.

As the UK leaves the European Union and therefore the EU Customs Union, the government is seeking a new customs arrangement that facilitates the “freest and most frictionless trade possible in goods between the UK and the EU, and allows the UK to forge new trade relationships with its partners in Europe and around the world”.

There has been concern in some quarters that the UK government would not adhere to environmental standards originally implemented by the EU post Brexit.

However, in relation to the environment, the government states in its Brexit paper: “We will maintain our high level of standards and protect our public services. As we leave the EU, the Government will continue to maintain our high standards for consumers, employees, the environment and animal welfare.”

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