UK gas supplier FloGas adds liquid biomethane to its range

FloGas, a supplier of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and liquid natural gas (LNG) in the UK, has added liquid biomethane to its range, claiming to be the first to supply this type of fuel off-grid. The company provides energy solutions to homes and businesses that are not connected to the mains supply.

The biomethane supplied by FloGas is produced via anaerobic digestion, which sees food waste, sewage sludge and animal waste broken down to produce a methane-rich gas which is chemically ‘almost identical’ to LNG, Commercial Motor reports. Using biomethane allows operators to achieve carbon emissions reductions of up to 80%, according to the firm.

David Taylor, head of corporate affairs and innovation at FloGas, said: “We’re so convinced by the benefits of bio-LNG that we’ve just added new bio-LNG trucks to our own fleet. These trucks are just one of many positive steps the business is taking, as we move towards a cleaner, greener future.”

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