UK farm to get on-site anaerobic digester

A 500kw biogas plant is set to come online at Yorkshire producer Melrose Pigs this month.

Commissioning has started on the EnviTec Biogas anaerobic digestion project, which will be fed partly with slurry from Melbourne-based Melrose’s finisher pigs.

Maize and grass silage from sister company Northern Crop Driers will also be fed into the system, which will produce electricity to be used on-site and sold into the grid.

‘We’re looking at payback on the investment within five years,’ says Melrose director Pam Dear. ‘Drying grass to produce feed for horses is pretty energy-intensive, so we’ll be using some of the electricity for that. Feed-in Tariffs will help with revenues and, because they’re set for the long term, that helps with business planning.'

‘Anaerobic digestion can be ideal for pig producers as it can open up revenue streams, transform slurry management and demonstrate to the surrounding community that you have a commitment to sustainability,’ adds Envitec sales manager John Day.

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