UK Environment Agency launches review into bio-waste sector

The UK Environment Agency (EA) has announced it is launching a review of permitted waste sites in the bio-waste sector, including anaerobic digestion, composting and mechanical biological treatment.

In a statement, the EA highlighted the importance of the bio-waste sector for a closed-loop, circular economy. The review will ‘embed’ recent changes to legislation, such as the requirement of the Industrial Emissions Directive, to ‘ensure compliance with best available techniques and emission limits’. The review will also ensure that all bio-waste operations are regulated for consistency and that the objectives of the UK Government’s 25-year environment plan are met.

The review will begin with bespoke installations permits. Sites presenting the highest risk or poor performance will be prioritised. The EA will formally request information from operators on their process and pollution control measures. The waste operations sector is also set to undergo a similar process as of late autumn this year.

An EA spokesperson said: “The aim of the review of permitted sites is to ensure the bio-waste sector continues to grow and develop in a sustainable and efficient way, providing benefits to communities and the environment.

“The review has developed with input from industry representatives from the bio-waste sector, ensuring we are well-sighted on opportunities and issues.”

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