UK brewery switches to green CO2 from AD process

St Austell Brewery in Cornwall, UK has switched to a 100% renewable, sustainable CO2 supply.

The company switched the supply at its site in St Austell and Hare Brewery, home of Bath Ales, to the renewable CO2 derived from the anaerobic digestion (AD) process. The CO2 will be used in the carbonation of its packaged beers, the purging of road tankers, and pressurising kegs.

The brewer’s new supply is sourced locally from green energy specialist, BioCarbonics, which generates green CO2 from maize grown in South West England. The maize is broken down naturally through AD.

“We go to great lengths to be environmentally efficient and are always looking to go further,” said Andrew Holden, procurement and property director at St Austell Brewery.

“Our partnership with BioCarbonics represents a double win: CO2 that is both 100% renewable and sourced locally here in the South West, resulting in fewer road miles to reach our two sites. We’re proud to be doing our part in protecting the unique and beautiful environment we call home.”

Christopher Carson, managing director at BioCarbonics, commented: “Our unique supply model for the UK’s CO2 industry guarantees a better continuity of supply. What’s more, rather than relying on ammonia or other chemical processes that burn fossil fuels, our green CO2 is recovered from clean and renewable biomethane production.”

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