UK biomass could hold better cards for future energy production

A new report by consultancy firm Deloitte believes biomass could contribute even more than the fifth of UK electricity it is expected to by the end of the 2020s.

Biomass was believed to provide around 21% share of electricity generation by 2030 by Deloitte’s report argues that burning pellets or woodchips could play an even more significant role in meeting climate targets.

‘As the amount of intermittent generation technologies in the UK's energy mix increases, flexible fuel sources that can provide stable and predictable electricity will become increasingly more valuable. Sustainably-sourced biomass could provide this stability,’ says sector leader for renewable energy at Deloitte, Dean Cook.

‘We believe biomass has the potential to help answer the UK's energy challenges. With many of its power stations being forced to shut down under the IED, the question is whether the UK would be missing an opportunity if it did not give biomass more consideration.’

The report also believes investors would be attracted to coal-fired plants that could convert to biomass and be competitive against other technologies.

Any success of the UK biomass sector, the report advises, would rest on it being able to overcome a number of obstacles to investment, including regulatory uncertainty, feedstock availability, sustainability, and financing.

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