UK biogas industry grows to 540 operational plants

The UK anaerobic digestion (AD) industry now has 540 operational plants, over 100 more when compared to the situation a year ago.

In October 2015, the UK Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) data showed that the UK had 421 active AD plants, which translates to a 28% increase in the total number.

The plant sites produce biogas from food waste, agricultural materials, industrial effluents, and sewage.

"The growth of the AD industry to 540 operational sites is hugely welcome, providing the equivalent of over 700MW capacity for green electricity generation and offering a sustainable option for food waste, farming and water treatment,” said Charlotte Morton, ADBA CEO, in a statement.

“The benefits that AD is already delivering show why the industry should be supported to continue to grow. We desperately need the government to set out its plans for the RHI, expand support for renewable electricity and take action to ensure that food waste is collected and recycled.”

ADBA has also launched an interactive online map, which catalogues each of the 540 operational AD plants.

The map enables suppliers, developers, and waste producers to find plants near them or to view a particular type of plant across the UK.

ADBA member companies are able to access enhanced features, including sites in planning and construction.

“ADBA's market reports and data already provide the most comprehensive information about AD in the UK, and our interactive map makes it even easier to find and use than ever before,” Morton said.

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