UK bioenergy projects given government backing

The UK government will ask entrepreneurs and businesses to bid for a share of a £2 million ($3.2 million) fund aimed towards bioenergy production via UK wetlands.

A forecast made under a Bioenergy Strategy back in April believes technology could meet between 8 and 11% of the UK’s total primary energy demand by the end of the decade. The scheme will aim to use plants already growing in wetland areas to generate the power.

 ‘As well as providing a valuable habitat for a range of plants and wildlife, our wetland areas produce a diverse mix of clean green energy sources, which in many cases are currently going to waste,’ said Energy and Climate Change minister Greg Barker.

Applicants can initially apply for up to £50,000 of funding to help turn pre-commercial design ideas into formalised project plans. If those are approved then companies can develop their ideas further and bid for up to £1 million.

‘Our new scheme will help spur on improvements in the way these plants are harvested and used to generate power, helping us cut carbon and meet our renewables targets, while maintaining and building on current conservation practices,’ Barker adds.

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