UK AD industry produces more gas than landfill gas sector

The UK’s 540 anaerobic digestion (AD) plants now generate more energy than the landfill gas sector and represent 2% of total UK gas production.

According to data from the UK Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA), the AD industry’s success in the past 12 months – during which time over 100 new plants have come on stream – can be largely attributed to the growth of the biomethane sector.

With a total of 86 biomethane plants having applied for support under the RHI, the biomethane sector currently generates 2.6TWh of energy, enough to heat 167,000 homes or the whole of the city of Cardiff.

However, ADBA believes that with the right support, biomethane can deliver as much as 80TWh – 30% of household gas demand or sufficient fuel to power 80% of lorries by 2030.

“AD-derived green gas is an important part of the UK’s energy mix as it performs two roles – it makes use of waste and is an environmentally sustainable fuel,” says Reed Landberg, global renewable energy and environment team leader for Bloomberg News.

“The fact that AD is also a source of heat makes it more important still, as heat is currently centre stage in terms of UK energy policy,” he added.

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