UIT Dresden launches new biogas test plant

A standard biogas test plant BTP2-control with an internal gas quality measurement system has been launched by Umwelt- and Ingenieurtechnik (UIT) Dresden.

The biogas test system is standardised in terms of fermenter sizes, agitator, heating, feeding, discharge and measurement technologies. Up to 10 fermenters can be integrated into one biogas test plant BTP2-control. With this test plant, a continuous experiment of biogas potential can be achieved.

Standardised lab fermenter sizes are available in 5-litre, 15-litre, 30-litre and 60-litre. These lab fermenters are equipped with a robust gas tube, while larger fermenters can be provided in stainless steel.

A special agitator was developed for fermenters of up to 60 litres. The agitator is equipped with a stepper motor, which allows continuous operation and can be used in asynchronous mode. The agitator is speed controlled and operates at a lowest speed of 5 rpm; therefore, it is ideally suited to these applications.

The fermenters are heated electronically with a heating mat. The temperature of the heating mat is monitored and limited. The parameterisable limitation of the heating mat temperature protects the microbiology from overheating. The target temperature in the reactor is automatically set with high precision.

In addition, the reactors can be equipped with feed and discharge pumps. Peristaltic pumps, syringe pumps, or eccentric screw pumps are used for this purpose. The parameters pH, redox potential, temperature, gas quantity, and gas quality can also be measured and recorded.

Gas is collected in gas bags for quality measurement. This means that one high-quality gas analyser can be used for several reactors. The gas components CH4, CO2, O2, H2 and H2S can be measured and recorded.

The measurement parameters are selected according to customer requirements. The elements of the biogas test plant are controlled by a SENSOcontrol system, designed and programmed by UIT Dresden.

The BTP2-control biogas test plant provides a highly reliable and flexible system for laboratories within the R&D sectors.

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