UCO-to-power plant opens in UK

On the 23 January, REG Bio-Power formally unveiled its 18MW power plant in Selby, North Yorkshire, UK. The plant will recover used cooking oil (UCO) into renewable energy for the National Grid.

In partnership with local councils and waste contractors, including Selby District Council, Living Fuels operates a scheme by which UCO can be recovered into sustainable, clean and renewable energy for National Grid reserves. This power will be called upon by the National Grid to meet unexpected power demand at short notice.

With REG Living Fuels already applauding North Yorkshire for waste oil collections during 2014, local Yorkshire communities will also be helping reach Government targets of 80% carbon emission reduction by 2050.

Ian Collins, MD, REG Living Fuels, says: 'Recovering waste cooking oil to create electricity is incredibly good for the environment. Not only are our sites producing much-needed renewable energy but anyone who recycles their waste cooking oil is also helping cut the UK taxpayers' £15 million (€20 million) bill for repairing drains clogged with fat caused when oil is tipped down the sink.'

The REG Living Fuels initiative works by communities dropping off UCO at 500 household recycling centres across the UK. The oil is then converted into patented bio-liquid which is free from additives. The bio-liquid powers the power station allowing National Grid to support electricity supplies in times of unscheduled peak demand.

Ian continues: 'To water companies, waste cooking oil is a nightmare but to Living Fuels it is an environmentally friendly fuel. Our patented bioliquid LF100 has now clocked up over 90,000 hours of electricity generation across our existing engines.'

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