U.S. Gain’s fourth dairy RNG project operational

Renewable natural gas (RNG) production equipment installed by U.S. Gain at a dairy farm is now producing clean RNG for the transportation industry.

Dallmann East River Dairy in Wisconsin supplies milk for the cheese industry. In 2012, the farm added an anaerobic digester to its site. “The digester provided operational benefits to our farm,” said owner Nick Dallmann.

“We were able to strengthen our manure management practices, improve local air quality, and obtain economic savings from nutrient-rich fertiliser and bedding, which are by-products of the digestion process.

“We are also glad to keep our digester operational, producing a renewable source of energy.”

U.S. Gain president Mike Koel said the firm was proud to bring another RNG project online. “RNG production at farms can be challenging to get up and running because of process and environmental variables that impact development,” said Koel.

“However, dairy-based RNG features some of the lowest carbon intensity scores, which translates to significant emission savings that leading organisations are seeking. For this reason, we’ll continue investment in RNG development at dairies and other agricultural operations.”

Nacelle Solutions, which develops gas clean-up equipment specifically designed for the RNG sector, partnered on the project. Nacelle’s co-founder, Gov Graney, said: “We’re pleased to advance our partnership with U.S. Gain at Dallmann East River Dairy and successfully bring this project to fruition quickly and safely.

“We look forward to the next phase of this project, pioneering solutions to maximise gas output while creating process efficiencies.”

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