U.S. Gain develops dairy RNG project in eight months

After just eight months, U.S. Gain’s digester at a dairy farm in Wisconsin, US, is transforming animal waste into clean, low-carbon fuel for the transport sector.

The anaerobic digester at S&S Jerseyland Dairy in Sturgeon Bay has been operational since 2011, initially converting waste from the farm’s 4,000-strong herd of Jersey cows to renewable power. U.S. Gain purchased the farm’s digester in September 2019 and made the upgrades needed for fuel production.

Gas collected at the facility is taken through a processing system that results in renewable natural gas (RNG) comprised of 99.5% methane. The facility recently obtained project certification from the California Air Resources Board, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, and the US Environmental Protection Agency. According to U.S. Gain, typically, these types of projects take 12-18 months to bring online.

Nacelle Solutions, a developer of gas clean-up equipment specifically designed for the RNG market, partnered with U.S. Gain throughout the project. “We are pleased to announce this project maximises methane recovery and speed to market – two key goals initially outlined by U.S. Gain and Nacelle,” said Nacelle’s co-founder, Gov Graney.

“Methane recovery was maximised through additional processing capabilities in the upgrade portion of the plant, specifically a third stage membrane process. The more plants we do the more efficient and streamlined we become enabling speed to market with reliable results.”

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