TÜV SÜD NEL joins European initiative to improve renewable gas meter accuracy

TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory (TÜV SÜD NEL) has joined a research consortium under the European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR) that aims to improve the accuracy and durability of meters for renewable gases, such as biogas, biomethane, hydrogen and syngas.

As renewable gases tend to have different physical characteristics from natural gas, research is needed to determine the impact these renewable gases have on commercially available flowmeters.

The project aims to provide reliable data for industry and to make measurement recommendations for renewable gases, including any adaptations to current gas meter standards.

“The development of renewable energy sources is encouraged by the European Renewable Energy Directives, but their effect on the measurement accuracy of natural gas flowmeters is still unknown,” said Marc MacDonald, project engineer at TÜV SÜD NEL. “The impact is expected to be significant, so this project will evaluate how meter calibrations in the future will ensure the reliability of finance and fiscal transactions for renewable gases. Ultimately, this will support an ongoing improvement in both existing meter designs and flow calibration standards.”

The European Union’s Measuring Instruments Directive (2014/32/EU) currently only covers natural gas applications and does not include specifications for renewable gases.

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