Turkey’s biogas plant to begin production Q1 2011

Turkey’s new biogas plant will be launched in July this year before it becomes fully operational at the beginning of 2011.

The plant, which was built by Austrian-based biogas engineering company Enbasys GmbH, will use ENBAFERM multi-feedstock biogas technology to process around 55,000 tonnes of municipal and industrial waste each year.

The biogas produced will be used to generate electricity and heat, as well as fertiliser, which is in high demand in Turkey.

The requirements for waste disposal in the region are becoming increasingly stringent and municipal waste is now gathered independently from other waste. This has resulted in an increase of waste availability that can be converted into biogas before supplying the public power network with electricity.

According to Enbasys directors Markus Grasmug and Stefan Kromus: ‘The increasingly strict regulations about the disposal of waste in Turkey are expected to lead to a strong rise in the industrial exploitation of municipal waste, since only two plants in this vein have been built in Turkey before.’

Enbasys recently became a member of the BDI group after the company took over 51% of Enbasys shares.

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