TrustBIX launches pilot project with Biomass Quality Network of Canada

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TrustBIX has announced a Biomass Traceability Pilot Project with members of the Biomass Quality Network of Canada (BQNC) - a value chain group that develops quality standards and measurement techniques to accelerate adoption of Canadian biomass in bioproducts.
BQNC is facilitating the commercialisation of agricultural biomass through the development of quality standards and methods for industrial applications, including biofuels, green chemicals, bioplastics and biomaterials.
BQNC director and chairman, Murray McLaughlin, said: "This project will demonstrate importance of biomass traceability for assuring product quality and important production attributes throughout the supply chain. It builds a concrete demonstration of the protocol TrustBIX assisted our members in developing over the past year."
"TrustBIX is delighted to demonstrate its BIX Origin module in bio-industrial opportunities that will allow biomass producers and bio-industrial processors to trace feedstocks and new bio products along the value chain, unlocking ways of improving product quality and enhancing market access," added BQNC representative, Ray Bergstra.
"This work builds on TrustBIX's extensive experience with chain of custody value solutions for all levels of the supply chain, from producers to consumers and to become a global leader for traceability in not only the agri-food business, but in the agricultural biomass industry," stated TrustBIX chief innovation officer, Tom Ogaranko.
The pilot project will run until March 2023 with selected BQNC members and the results will be shared with BQNC members.


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