Treating tough industrial wastewaters 

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ZwitterCo is a membrane technology company that enables the treatment and reuse of the world’s toughest wastewaters. Chris Drover, CTO and co-founder, tells Bioenergy Insight more.
ZwitterCo’s products enable water resiliency for its customers, so that they can continue to operate and expand without being constrained by available resources, Drover said. In many cases, this can have a valourising effect, as economically valuable compounds are separated from their wastewater – creating useful co-products. By making it practical for industries to recycle previously unusable water, ZwitterCo is delivering on its goal of reducing industrial and agricultural demand for public water supplies, Drover added.
Historically, membranes have been unable to treat the toughest industrial wastewaters. Extended pilot studies of various difficult-to-treat wastewaters have shown that ZwitterCo’s superfiltration membranes aced the test and produced impressive results. Bioenergy Insight asked about ZwitterCo’s superfiltration technology, the idea behind it and its journey from concept to market.
“ZwitterCo superfiltration (SF) is a new category of membranes,...

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