Toyota to introduce biogas-derived hydrogen production in Thailand

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Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota), Toyota Tsusho Corporation (Toyota Tsusho) and Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha, Ltd. (Mitsubishi Kakoki) will introduce biogas-derived hydrogen production equipment for the first time in Thailand.
The hydrogen production equipment to be introduced will be manufactured by Mitsubishi Kakoki and installed in Thailand in November 2023 to produce hydrogen from biogas derived from local chicken manure and food waste.
Toyota and Toyota Tsusho plan to co-operate on hydrogen production to assess the construction and introduction of an overall system for the compression, storage and transportation of biogas and hydrogen - as well as the establishment of an operating system. Toyota said that, unlike conventional hydrogen production equipment for hydrogen station-related facilities, the three companies and their respective local affiliates will work together and hold discussions to optimise the design for local conditions.
This equipment will be used as part of a series of initiatives in the areas of producing, transporting, storing and using hydrogen.
The three companies intend to continue to utilise Japan's hydrogen-related technologies to promote clean energy tailored to each country and region.
They will also work together with various stakeholders to help achieve a hydrogen society and ultimately a carbon-neutral society, added Toyota.

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