Toyobo expands operations in Indonesia to meet demand for eco-friendly films

Bird's eye view photo of TTA (on Trias’s premises)
Japan-based Toyobo will open another facility in Indonesia to manufacture polyester films for packaging at Pt. Trias Toyobo Astria (TTA).
TTA is a joint venture company that Toyobo established with major Indonesian film maker Pt. Trias Sentosa (Trias) to respond to an increase in demand for eco-friendly film products. TTA’s production capacity will be doubled, with an investment of about 10 billion yen. Toyobo plans to start construction of the facility in spring 2024 and operating in autumn 2025.
TTA was established in 2017 with the aim of accelerating the overseas expansion of Toyobo’s packaging film business and began its production in early 2020.
TTA supplies various polyester film products, such as base films for ECOSYAR TM, a vapour-deposited film with an excellent barrier performance, to Toyobo, Trias and Pt. Toyobo Trias Ecosyar, another joint venture firm set up by the two parent companies.
Adding a new manufacturing facility at TTA amid heightening global awareness of environmental issues will greatly enhance the entire Toyobo Group’s capacity to produce polyester films, the company said.
It will enable the Group to strengthen its supply capacity to respond to global demand for eco-friendly film products. Such products include SPACECLEAN TM, a thin shrinkable film which help reduce the volume of packaging materials; films made with biomass or recycled materials and films for laminating steel sheets that help reduce environmental impacts of manufacturing canned goods.
In its Sustainable Vison 2030, a long-term vision unveiled on May 26, 2022, Toyobo set a goal of increasing the ratio of green films to 60% in the fiscal year ending in March 2031, and to 100% in the fiscal year ending in March 2051.
Toyobo is committed to realising a circular economy by accelerating the global reach of its eco-friendly film products.
Bird's eye view photo of TTA (on Trias’s premises)

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