Towards bankability for wood pelletisation

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Maarten Gnoth, founder and managing director of Hinterland Management - a bespoke sustainable investment development and management enterprise focussing on biomass supply chains - gave a talk at Bioenergy Insight's International Biomass Congress & Expo in July, expanding upon his presentation at a World Bioenergy Association webinar.
Gnoth, who has significant experience in business development, management and consultancy in the renewable energy sector, spoke about the best way for bankability for wood pelletisation facilities - with a particular focus on risk mitigation for domestically applied biomass solutions, especially for cooking in Africa and South East Asia.
Traditional biomass, with the issues surrounding deforestation it causes in certain urban areas in developing countries, currently represents 40% of all biomass in the world - something that Christian Rakos, chair of the World Bioenergy Association, said is a "big issue with unsustainable biomass use", especially in developing countries.
Gnoth pointed out that one of the biggest issues for wood pelletisation is the lack of a continuous flow available, sustainable, applicable and...

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