Towards a biogas-solar hybrid solution

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Dr Ahmet Aksoz of Sivas Cumhuriyet University, presents the case for a hybrid solution, utilising biogas and solar technologies.
With the increase in population and urbanisation, the consumption of fossil fuels has increased. That causes carbon emissions and other environmental pollution. The energy demand in cities, especially in remote areas, has increased drastically. According to the World Economic Outlook 2020, about 13% of the global population lives without access to energy. Various renewable technologies exist, including solar, biomass, wind and hydro. The two important renewable energy sources - biogas and solar - are widely used in different remote areas in developing and developed countries. These are the practical and efficient means of reducing carbon emissions and producing clean energy through innovative techniques in cities and remote areas.
In remote areas, people generally get electricity from single renewable energy sources of solar, wind or biomass, but the problem related to a single source is the unpredictability of energy supply. Single renewable energy sources cannot always meet the electricity demand of an entire area.  The hybrid...

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