Tolko Industries signs on world’s largest pyrolysis plant

Canada-based forest products provider Tolko Industries has signed a contract with Ottawa-based Ensyn Technologies to build an CA$80 million (€63.8 million) plant to generate electricity from sawdust and other wood waste at a Tolko Industries’ sawmill in High Level, Aberta.

The joint venture is the world's largest commercial project of its kind, using fast pyrolysis to process 400 tonnes of biomass daily. The waste is processed under intense pressure in the absence of oxygen using technology which Ensyn is marketing around the world with UOP Honeywell, a clean-tech arm of the engineering giant.

The energy will power and heat the plant and supply electricity for the community of 3,800 in northern Alberta. The project is subject to regulatory approvals and is expected to be in operation in 18 to 24 months.

The Ensyn technology will generate 85 million litres of pyrolysis oil a year from sawdust and other waste that is now being burned.

The pyrolysis oil can also be blended to make lubricants as well as chemicals used in a variety of products, such as a renewable resin used in the manufacture of Tolko wood panel products.

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