TMO increases renewable energy presence in China

Developer of second generation biofuels technology TMO Renewables has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the authorities of Heilongjiang, China.

The MoU will see TMO provide long-term large volume biomass feedstock supply for future biofuel production facilities from Heilongjiang State Farm, the largest state owned farming corporation in China.

The MoU is also the first step towards building the first of a future series of second generation biofuel production facilities in China. TMO will assess the full potential of local feedstock using its process demonstration unit, which it claims is the UK's first cellulosic demonstration facility.

‘The scale of this opportunity is exciting and we are delighted to be developing our presence in China further,’ says TMO CEO David Weaver. ‘This is the first step towards building one of the first second generation biofuel facilities in China. We look forward to announcing an offtake agreement for the ethanol produced, another key element that needs to be in place for the delivery of an operational plant in the province.’

'Second generation ethanol production has been part of our strategy at the Heilongjiang State farm for some time and we are excited to see the first step in the realisation of this strategy,’ adds director-general of HSF 93 farm Zhang Guichun.

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