Titan LNG receives EU funding for biogas bunkering project

Dutch gas supplier Titan LNG has signed a deal to receive European Union funding for its Bio2Bunker biogas project.

Titan LNG, a major supplier of liquefied natural gas to the marine and industrial markets in Europe has been granted €11 million in funding from the EU’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF); the EU’s grant scheme supporting transport infrastructure, connectivity, and the switch to greener fuels for transport.

According to Titan LNG, its customers in the shipping sector are facing a ‘choice for the future’, run on marine gasoil or heavy fuel oil with scrubbers, or choose bio-LNG, the only proven alternative fuel that is scalable now.

LNG combined with bio-LNG and later synthetic liquefied gas, made by combining green hydrogen and carbon dioxide, offer a ‘credible and cost-competitive’ path to decarbonisation while improving local air quality.

In a LinkedIn post, Titan LNG said: “We thank all partners and customers for supporting the application. Moreover, a special thanks to the representatives of the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency of the European Commission for the pleasant and smooth cooperation in finalising the agreement.

“We have kick-started the preparations for our Bio2Bunker project to expand the bio-LNG and E-LNG bunkering supply chain by introducing three bunker barges in Rotterdam, Zeebrugge, and Lübeck.”

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