Tilbury power station given biomass lifeline

UK-based Tilbury power station has been given the thumbs up to upgrade its facilities.

The plant was due to be closed permanently in October after it used up its full allocation of operating hours imposed after opting out of the 2008 EU directive. This was also despite providing more than half the UK’s renewable energy after converting to biomass in 2010.

The use of biomass will be extended and, instead of closing, modifications will be made from the autumn.

‘This will allow the power station to be modified to meet operational and environmental standards required for a new biomass power plant,’ tilbury power station manager Nigel Staves was quoted as saying. ‘This is part of the consent and permitting process that is required in order to modify, reopen and continue to operate the power station.’

The next step for Staves and his team will be to secure a permit issued by the Environment Agency.

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