Tibbar Energy plans construction on biogas power plant

Tibbar Energy USVI, a Nervada-based construction company, will begin construction on its bioenergy power plant on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, in Q2 2015.

The 7MW anaerobic digestion biogas power plant will utilise Viaspace’s Giant King Grass, which is now ready for the production fields and will be obtained from its nurseries on St. Croix.

Tibbar will sell power for 25 years with an additional 5 year option to USVI Water and Power Authority (WAPA).

Necessary permits will be put in place by February 2015.

‘We will have all of our pre-development permits in place. The Giant King Grass nurseries are ready to be transplanted to the new farms once cleared and irrigation is installed.’ says Tania Tomyn, Tibbar Energy CEO. ‘Our project is a balance of agriculture and power production and is all carbon neutral.’

Dr. Kevin Schewe, chairman, Viaspace, comments: ‘Viaspace and our partner, Tibbar Energy, have mutually shared a vision to construct and implement the Caribbean's first carbon neutral, base load, green/renewable electric power plant on the island of St. Croix. We have been pursuing this vision at a time of unprecedented global warming, with 2014 being documented as the warmest year of global record keeping. Using continuously renewable and high-yielding Giant King Grass to create electricity through an anaerobic digestion biogas power plant is a green energy answer and solution.'

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