Three bidders awarded the capacity for biomass-fired plants in Spanish auction

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Spain’s ministry for the ecological transition awarded 177 MW of capacity in Tuesday’s auction for 520 MW of mixed renewables, selecting only small-scale solar PV and biomass-based power projects and leaving bidders on concentrated solar power (CSP) empty-handed.
On 26 October the ministry said 146 MW worth of projects for biomass-fired capacity and 31 MW of solar distributed generated (DG) plants of 5 MW were going ahead.
Biomass proposals reached a weighted average price of €93.09 per MWh, which is between the maximum offer of €108.19 and a minimum of €72.38 MWh.
CSP was left with nothing because of the "ceiling price that the ministry for the ecological transition imposed," according to El Espanol. Apparently, the price was capped at just €109 to €110 MWh.
The ministry said that “[t]he current situation, with high inflation, rising interest rates and price tensions in raw materials and equipment, has caused participants to submit bids above the maximum price allowed by the auction rules.”
Three bidders were awarded the capacity for biomass-fired plants - Acciona Energia, Madrid-based renewables investor Reolum and Spanish state-owned energy group Hunosa.
The full list of winners can be seen here (pages 5-6).

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